Binaural Perception

RLSD 001 finally drops, feat. original tracks by Doug Cooney, PGJ and Jonathan K, along with a Lee Holman remix.

In long established tradition, the first outing by Dublin based Techno label RLSD Records has indeed been a labour of love. With small quantities already in All City Records, it’s firing on all cylinders and has been well worth the wait.

With slick production and a heavy riff, Doug Cooney’s ‘Bias’ pounds hard. As his track relentlessly weaves and builds in tension, it reveals the hardware performance central to it’s construction. Similarly, this can also be found on ‘North Strand’ by PGJ; a simple and highly effective tool with classic Detroit muscle.

A collaborative effort between label owners Cooney & Galvin (PGJ) and friends, it is supported by an incendiary remix of Cooney’s lead track ‘Bias’ by Lee Holman and the tough Millsian groove of Jonathan K’s ‘Lucid’.

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