Natasha, Varient Electronic

“If anyone is thinking of taking lessons in Music production and DJing I would suggest they check out Real Sound – led by the man himself Doug Cooney.
Real Sound’s tuition was crucial in helping me to accomplish my goal of releasing an EP and taught me a myriad of valuable mixing and production techniques in Ableton.”

Natasha’s first release through Varient Electronic is available to listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

As a past pupil of Real Sound Dublin I can’t recommend the course enough. Eoin and Doug covered everything needed to get up and running with Ableton and were always there to give a hand after the course if I was stuck. Having some experience going into the course I came out fully satisfied with my ability and overall experience. After that I stuck my head down and gained support on my tracks from the likes of Richie Hawtin , Paco Osuna , Patrick Dsp to name a few. Anyone with an interest in Ableton or you simply want to get up and running, Real Sound Dublin is the place to go.

Stephen O Neill (Audio Autopsy Records)


“It’s been around 13-14 months since I took part in the realsound dj course. The lads were a big help, from the obvious things like mixing records to the small but important aspects such as levels and connections. I thought their approach to teaching was very hands on and we all were able to have a bit of craic which made it feel less like a class and more like a buzz with the lads. Since taking the course I’ve become pretty serious about DJing and realsound definitely made me hungry to be serious about it, I took on board what i learned and together with my own hard work over the last year I have achieved more than I would have thought I could in 1 year considering I couldnt mix two tracks when I started the course. Being made a resident DJ for The Breakfast Club, Housewerk and being given a key role in the Realsound Academy project, and most importantly to me is finding a sound I’m happy with and happy to play which I think is key. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in becoming a real DJ, nice one Realsound. Slice”

Andrew Johnston (Housework, Breakfast Club, Rs Academy)

I was able to co-produce my first single because of this cheap, sweet course!
Jenna Toro, singer / songwriter

Exactly what I was looking for as somebody who wanted to take music production a step further and get into the inner workings and features of the application. I had basic knowledge but I found the course was completely accessible to outright beginners as well as covering a lot of advanced techniques, leaving you equipped with the knowledge to really get deep into it. The classes were small in size, informal and the teacher explained every step clearly, not moving on until he was satisfied that everybody understood, and even gave great notes to take home after every class.
John Mahon (Bodytonic)

Real Sound is a comfortable learning environment with excellent tutors. It’s always important to be able to ask questions openly and with Real Sound you can certainly do this. Its a fantasic idea that offers face to face education for a broad range of programs. Two thumbs up!
Dave Redmond (Nightflight)

In-depth and sophisticated tuition, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Sweet stuff.
Al Kennington (Synth Eastwood)

Great service. I didn’t know much about production going in, was delighted how much I learned. An amazing introduction for a great price.
Gianfranco Palumbo (DIT DJ Society)

Thorough, professional and easy going. By some distance the best course available for this price.
Aaron Dempsey (Radiomade)