About Real Sound

Real Sound started in 2009 when three friends converged with like minded idea’s. Doug Cooney being one of the founding members. Doug has been working in the DJ’ing and music production industry since 2004 and set up Real Sound to address the need for high quality courses for people interested in DJ’ing and music production.

Since then Real Sound has gone on to help train dozens of young aspiring DJ’s through its courses in Dublin’s City Centre. Real Sound has also been lucky enough to have been asked to team up with the DJ Society in DIT and the Digital Arts Society in Trinity College. We offer training courses in DJ’ing & music production across a variety of platforms including Ableton and Logic Pro X.

We pride ourselves on having experienced industry professionals with their finger on the pulse of the ever changing world of music technology. Getting involved in DJ’ing and music production is something we’re passionate about. Our objective is to share our knowledge with the next wave of up coming electronic artists. With our courses we offer hands on training with small classes including 1 on 1 sessions to make sure you get what you need from our courses.

We’ve been lucky enough to see some of our graduates go on to achieve great success after finishing our courses and we look forward to helping you in the near future.