Ableton Course: Online

From: 60,00

Real Sound Ableton Live 1 on 1 sessions: 


Real Sounds 1 on 1 online sessions are available to producers of all levels, Whether you’re just starting out or a more serious music producer, We will tailor a class to suit your abilities. These sessions focus on gaining fluidity within the Ableton interface coupled with the science of mixing.This marrying of the artistic and scientific approach when it comes to music production has proven to be an effective learning model achieving great results. These sessions will equip you with the skills required to compose, sequence, record & mix with Ableton Live



Real Sound Ableton Live 1 on 1 sessions:  


  • Introduction to Ableton Interface
  • Channels (Audio, MIDI, Returns)
  • Introduction to Sampling  
  • Introduction to Drum Rack
  • Fx / Send & Returns
  • Frequency Spectrum /EQ 8 
  • Introduction to Music Theory 
  • Introduction to Mixing


  • Creative Recording / Resampling
  • Music Theory essentials for Electronic musicians
  • Synthesis
  • Filtering Vs Eqing 
  • Arrangement & Automation Techniques
  • Parallel Compression Techniques
  • Sound Design 
  • Sends & Returns tracks 


  • Dynamic Mixing ( stereo width , gain staging , multiband compression ) 
  • Using FX to enhance your production 
  • Advanced Arrangement & Automation Techniques
  • Advanced mastering techniques  
  • Exporting your Composition 
  • Preparing tracks to send to labels 
  • Industry advice / follow up support 


  • A Computer running Ableton Live 10 (90- day free trial available)
  • A broadband internet connection 
  • Web Camera preferable but not mandatory  
  • Headphones. 

Tutor:  info to be added, 


  •   60 euro x 1 hour 
  •  100 euro x 2 hour 
  •  150 euro x 3 hour