Ableton Course: Studio


Real Sound Ableton Live Course ( 4 week 1.5Hrs/Wk )

Real Sounds four week beginner to intermediate Ableton course has been designed as a forward thinking music production course. This course focuses on gaining fluidity within the Ableton interface coupled with the science of mixing.
This marrying of the artistic and scientific approach when it comes to music production has proven to be an effective learning model achieving great results.
If you want to attend a forward thinking production course that will equip you with the skills required to compose, sequence, record & mix with Ableton Live then this is the course for you.




Real Sound Ableton Live Course ( 4 week 1.5Hrs/Wk )

week one: Introduction, Sampling and Workflow.

  • The Ableton Interface
  • Channels (Audio, MIDI, Returns)
  • Sampling / Drum Rack
  • Fx / Send & Returns
  • Frequency Spectrum /EQ 8

 Week two: Musical theory, Synthesis and Creative recording.

  • Creative Recording / Resampling
  • Music Theory essentials for Electronic musicians
  • Synthesis
  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Filtering Vs Eqing

Week three: Arrangement, Sound design and Dynamic mixing.

  • Arrangement & Automation Techniques
  • Parallel Compression Techniques
  • Sound Design / Sends & Returns
  • Using FX to enhance your production
  • Parallel Compression Techniques
  • Dynamic Mixing

 Week Four: Producing a track, Final mix down.

  • Making a track from scratch
  • Exporting your Composition
  • Final Mix down
  • Listening in Context
  • Improving your process


  •  A Laptop running Ableton Live 10 (90- day free trial available)
  • Headphones
  • USB key

Tutor:  info to be added,  

Cost: 240