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Real Sound specializes in curating a real learning environment & an enjoyable engaging community for all of our customers.

Real Courses - Real Learning

Real Sound

Learn to produce & perform music like a professional in a friendly and relaxed environment with like minded individuals & Tutors. Our highly trained and experienced tutors will facilitate you and get you going on your musical journey.
All our Courses, 1:1 Tuition and workshops rooted in holistic educational techniques to cater for each individual learners’ requirements. Practical delivery and evaluation are conducted at industry level educational standards to ensure all candidates achieve a satisfactory skill level.

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Real Courses - Real Learning

Our Tutors

Doug Cooney

Doug Cooney, Is the founder of Real Sound and RLSD Records with over 20 years of teaching/industry experience. With many Vinyl/Digital works on labels spanning worldwide, Doug is one to be reckoned with.
Having a massive log of performances in clubs such as Tresor, Suicide Circus, District 8 and Life Festival, Doug's skills and knowledge as a DJ & Producer has become a superior asset to Real Sound & the Irish techno scene.


Thomas Kilmurray - aka Offtrack is part of the next generation of producers who are carving out a path promoting longevity and outlasting trends. With a rich background that combines classical and electronic music spanning 15 years, Thomas is one of Ireland’s most alluring talents to breakthrough in recent times, and joins the ranks of Real Sound as a Course Co-Ordinator & Music Production Tutor.


Doiléir AKA David O’Neill is a Cork-born, vinyl-leaning DJ, producer and promoter. The Irish talent studied DJ Techniques at Bray Institute of Further Education [B.I.F.E] under the tutelage of Sunil Sharpe, Defekt and Doug Cooney, shaping his sound as an artist. After completing the course, he went on to study Music Production at B.I.F.E. Today, he is a name to watch on the Irish circuit.

Daniel Kelly

Daniel began his exploration into music production as a student of Real Sound. Prior to this, he had been DJing in nightclubs around Dublin and continued doing this for several years after, playing in venues such as Hangar, 39/40 and The Button Factory. Daniel then relocated to Berlin, to study a degree in Electronic Music Production and Live Performance from the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology. It was here that Daniel began to take an interest in teaching, and knew it was something he wanted to pursue after his graduation.

Real Courses - Real Learning