About Us

Real Sound is a learning platform for music technology, Founded in 2016, Real Sound put all of its focus to learning and developing musical abilities both in an educational and artistic capacity; this has been achieved through comprehensive technical education and direct involvement in the Irish electronic music scene since 2004.

The Real Sound concept grew out of awareness with regard to a gap in the educational market.  Real Sound aims to produce low-cost, accessible creative outlets for music production and academic tuition.  This set out to provide an alternative to other forms of adult evening education. This led to further development of the 1-to-1 model adding a new dynamic to the business.

Real Sound was born on April 2016 with a workshop in DJing hosted by DIT Aungier St. in DJ Tuition. Since then we have been approached by the Trinity Digital Arts Society to teach a four-week Ableton Live (music Production) Course.

With the music technology world evolving at such a prolific rate we must constantly access our learning models and also our teaching methods. To this end, we have implemented feedback systems through the evaluation of not only our teachers and content but also environmental factors that may aid or encroach on the learner.