Daniel Kelly

Daniel began his exploration into music production as a student of Real Sound. Prior to this, he had been DJing in nightclubs around Dublin and continued doing this for several years after, playing in venues such as Hangar, 39/40 and The Button Factory. 

Daniel then relocated to Berlin, to study a degree in Electronic Music Production and Live Performance from the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology. It was here that Daniel began to take an interest in teaching, and knew it was something he wanted to pursue after his graduation.

Whilst studying, Daniel gained knowledge into many aspects of music production including, audio processing, synthesis and mastering. He views music production, and the teaching of such, to never be one strategy fits all tasks. Daniel will aim to guide his students through the process of making music, rather than give them a step by step guide. 

Daniel’s creative experience focused on the production of techno, but he has a keen interest in heavy metal and punk music, and how the genres can be combined. 

Daniel takes a strong interest in broader creative culture and is an employee in BIMM Dublin and will be studying for a postgraduate certificate in creative and cultural entrepreneurship in the coming months, from Trinity College Dublin.