Production Masterclass

4 Week Program Developed by Doug Cooney

Our monthly masterclass dives deep into the production techniques of Real Sound Founder – Doug Cooney. This masterclass is unique as it will see both tutors develop ideas/concepts from scratch & carry them across the four weeks to a finished piece of music which will be made available to all participants.

Our tutors will cover everything from sound design, mixing fundamentals to the psychology behind finishing a piece of music.

Our Masterclass

  • Will teach you how to finish a project & not abandon it.
  • How to Progress Quickly & Efficiently with your Musical Ideals.
  • Sound Design – Processing Different Elements of your Track.
  • Advanced Arrangement & Automation Techniques.
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques.
  • Mindsets for Producing & Mixing.
  • Time Management.
  • Using Different Templates for Different Stages of you Production.
  • Achieving the Best Results Possible with you Final Export.