Doiléir AKA David O’Neill is a Cork-born, vinyl-leaning DJ, producer, and promoter. The Irish talent studied DJ techniques at the Bray Institute of Further Education [B.I.F.E.] under the tutelage of Sunil Sharpe, Defekt, and Doug Cooney to help shape his sound as an artist. After completing the course, he went on to study music production at B.I.F.E. Today, he is a name to watch on the Irish circuit.

With an aesthetic that transcends several sonic palettes, from old-school techno to wonky electro and tougher European sounds, David’s collection is broad, advancing his expertise in mixing disparate genres. With experience using different DJ setups and navigating club sound systems, David has a dynamic method of teaching and sharing knowledge. His approachable, attentive, and patient manner means he is an ideal tutor to work with RealSound, encouraging and enriching Ireland’s next generation of artists in the electronic music realm.

David co-runs the Elision Collective in Cork. Promoting established and up-and-coming techno DJs and working across various spaces in the country, David is heavily active on the Irish scene; a testament to his creativity and relentless work ethic.