Doug Cooney

Doug Cooney, MA-Music Technology, has cultivated his knowledge of Techno music over many years.
Doug’s passion for this craft runs deep and his DJ sets span the full spectrum of
Techno, past and present. Doug brings a tireless ethos to his own productions,
which blend classic analogue synthesis with contemporary digital sound design.
Since completing a masters degree in music technology Doug has released on
labels such as ORBIS, GND, Bastardo Eléctrico, EFR & ORGONE alongside RLSD
Records his own imprint laying a strong foundation for his future in music. His
productions has received support from Dave Clarke, Amelie Lens, Ben Sims, Luke
Slater, Rodhad, KR!Z, and Answer Code Request. Doug’s tracks have been remixed
by Binny, Lee Holman and Dystopian records Jon Hester, proving his calibre in the
international arena.
Doug is also the driving force behind Real Sound an independent music school for
aspiring producers and DJs, which provides workshops and
showcases for those hoping to learn the craft of electronic music. Within a laid
back yet straightforward environment Doug insists on with all he does. Doug is also
a part of a strong team at BIFE DJ & Music Production Techniques Tutor working
alongside Sunil Sharpe & Defekt (Tinfoil) investing in the future generations of Irish
Electronic music and further developing his craft in great company.