Doug Cooney MA

Doug Cooney lives and breathes techno into every facet of his life and has dedicated many years to the growth and well-being of the genre in Ireland. From setting up one of Ireland’s best techno labels, RLSD, to teaching and coordinating the DJ & Music Production Techniques course at the Bray Institute of Further Education. Doug holds a Master’s degree in music technology, and alongside teaching at Real Sound, he is constantly churning out techno tracks. There are few Irish DJs and producers that come close to Doug Cooney in terms of impact on the Irish techno scene.

Doug Cooney also boasts of being one of the most technically gifted DJs on the island of Ireland. Meticulous attention to detail behind a set of turntables has seen Cooney share the booth with formidable techno figures such as Dave Clarke, James Ruskin, UVB, Mark Broom, DJ Rush, and more. Doug has several distinguished international gigs under his belt, with his debut at the fabled Tresor in Berlin alongside HöR being the highlight.

In recent years, Doug has been burning the midnight oil in the studio, crafting high-octane and distinctly functional techno tracks. Cooney has recently signed records with respected labels such as Counterchange, Orbis, GND, Gynoid, N&N Records, EFR, Bastardo Electrico, Research, and RLSD Records, laying a solid foundation for his future in music. His productions have received support from Dave Clarke, Amelie Lens, Ben Sims, Luke Slater, Rodhad, KR!Z, and Answer Code Request. Doug’s tracks have also been remixed by Aiken, Binny, Lee Holman, and Dystopian Records’ Jon Hester, proving his calibre in the international arena.

Doug Cooney | HÖR – February 2 / 2024

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