Pagan (Rossa Doherty) is a DJ & producer based in Dublin via Donegal.
After being nominated for the AVA Emerging Producer Award in 2019, the artist
has gone on to release several high-profile EPs and singles across a
number of labels, as both physical vinyl and digital releases. His
productions float between early 2000’s inspired Techno & trance to rave-
fueled breaks & thumping House. His music regularly appears on Radio 1,
Rinse FM, NTS and other stations, while the list of DJ’s supporting his
Music in sets includes names like DJ Heartstring, X-Coast, TSHA, and Narciss.
He joins Real Sound as a tutor specializing in music production through
Logic Pro X. Having first learned the basics of the DAW through a weekly
course held in the nearby LYIT, Rossa has now been actively producing
music through Logic for 6 years, with his first official release coming in 2019.

He is currently working with a range of labels, such as Shall Not Fade,
RAW, Part4, and Homage Records. He has also recently begun releasing
through his own imprint, PGN, which will house any self-released tracks
over the coming year.